Whole Body Cryotherapy
(WBC)- Whole body Cryotherapy at Subzero cryotherapy is offered in a cryotherapy sauna. While in the cryo sauna, the body is exposed to subzero temperatures.
This extreme cold causes the body to go through multiple cycles of improved blood circulation through the vital organs. WBC allows the body to filter and purify the blood at an improved rate.
This gives the body the opportunity to remove toxins and to help repair soft tissue damage and decrease inflammation.
Single Session – $69.99 | Partner Session – $119.99
4 Sessions – $199.99 | 10 Sessions – $399.99
Cryotec (WBC + Cryotec) – $84.99
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Localized Cryotherapy
Our localized cryotherapy treatments allow a specific area to be targeted.
This is often used after an injury or post-surgery to focus the cold
treatment to the exact spot that treatment is needed.
Localized Cryotherapy – $19.99 – $39.99
Pack of 10 Spots (normal $20 each) – $169.99
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Cryofacials use a specifically designed unit to apply cold vapors to the face. This aims to stimulate the production of collagen,tighten and soften the skin, and reduce inflammation. At Subzero, we strive to provide the best possible experience. Our staff members are trained and certified by the originators of the Cryofacial.
Cryofacials – $44.99 | 5 Cryofacials – $199.99
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Normatec Compression
Normatec uses pulses to help improve blood flow and speed up recovery. This is great to help muscles recover between intense workouts.
When used after a Whole Body Cryotherapy session, Normatec can be used to increase the blood flow of the freshly purified blood to the extremities and help the healing process with
this improved circulation. Combining these services can give even greater results for healing and recovery.
Normatech (20 MIns) Legs , Hips or Arms – $19.99
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