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Palm Beach Cryotherapy

SubZero Cryotherapy serves residents in and around Palm Beach, Florida with a wide range of cryotherapy services. Conveniently located in nearby Wellington, SubZero Cryotherapy specializes in whole body cryotherapy, localized cryotherapy, cryfacials and Normatec boots access.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in Palm Beach

At Subzero Cryotherapy our whole body cryotherapy service is offered in one of our cryotherapy saunas. While you are in the cryotherapy sauna your entire body is exposed to subzero temperatures. By being exposed to these extreme temperatures, your body will go through multiple cycles of improved blood circulation through your vital organs. During your whole body cryotherapy session your body will be allowed to filter and purify blood at an improved rate, giving it the opportunity to remove toxins and repair soft tissue damage and decrease inflammation. Our whole body cryotherapy session is our most popular service for residents in and around Palm Beach, FL.

Localized Cryotherapy in Palm Beach

For those in and around Palm Beach who are looking for a more specific treatment of a certain part of the body, our localized cryotherapy is a good solution. With our localized cryotherapy treatment we are able to focus our cold treatment on a specific part of your body, often times used after an injury or post-surgery.


Our Cryofacial treatment is used to apply cold vapors directly to your face. This helps stimulate the production of collagen, reduce inflammation and tighten and soften the skin. The staff members at Subzero Cryotherapy are trained and certified by the originators of the Cryofacial.

Normatec Compression in Palm Beach

Our Normatec compression treatment uses pulses to help improve both your blood flow and recovery time. Residents in and around Palm Beach typically use this treatment to help muscles recover faster between intense workouts.

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